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Reasons “Happy Days” Stopped Being Good After The Fourth Season

Everyone loves the wacky antics of Arthur Herbert “Fonzie” Fonzarelli. However, most people agree that Happy Days, after the infamous fourth season, REALLY stopped being fun to watch. Here’s a couple of reasons.

  1. Fonzie screwed up the shark jump and got eaten
  2. Chuck Cunningham came back but no one acknowledged his existence and he didn’t do anything other than sit on the stairs and spin his basketball
  3. Richie Cunningham won a million dollars in the lottery and bought a gun
  4. Arnold’s Diner got bought out by Alfred “Al” Delvecchio
  5. Arnold’s Diner got rated “not so good” by the entire band Weezer
  6. The entire Full House cast came to live with the Cunninghams
  7. Richie’s Mom died in an industrial accident
  8. Secret whispers from beyond the stars in the theme song
  9. The jukebox at Arnold’s Diner got repaired by an actual mechanic instead of by a shoulder bash, and subsequently could only play numbers stations
  10. Potsie vomited up black sludge at the end of every episode
  11. Fonzie came back, but changed his catchphrase to “Yoooo!”
  12. Potsie and Ralph were offscreen beating up a homeless man for the entirety of season 7
  13. Drip-Fed Fred became mayor of the town
  14. The Cunninghams became homeless vagrants
  15. Richie’s friends got sex lives
  16. Season 9 was just Fonzie staring into the camera, eating a bag of peanuts and loudly quoting scripture
  17. Archie came to town and was subsequently strangled by Ralph
  18. Every episode in season 8 was called “Fonzie’s Funeral”
  19. Richie and Ralph left to join the military and were replaced by Fonzie’s annoying cousin
  20. Fonzie’s annoying cousin’s name means “penis” in several languages

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